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Default Building a large shop with SIPS

Fixing tractors, repairing/sharpening 20 foot wide mowers in the barn with animals looking on, the livestock guardian dogs stealing tools has inherent difficulties, much less the manure on the floor.

The plan, for about five years has been to build a shop of perhaps 35 x 40 feet. Nothing fancy, just a pole barn with metal skin. Pavers on the floor for water drainage, 20 amps of electricity for a few lights. I carved out an area with a bulldozer a couple years ago and allowed for subsoil to compact through a few heat/cold cycles.

But then I got thinking. I really need this big enough for a roof top 10 kW PV system. And I really need a large overhang on side going out ~ 25 feet to store 1200 lb rolls of hay and it would be great if I could drive the big Deere tractor in there (cab is almost 10 feet to top) to work on.

OK, now it is 40 x 60 feet. Overhang needs to have a 1x12 pitch so I need to start that side shed roof about 12 feet up so I can get tractor in there to place and get hay. So must have 12 foot tall sidewalls.

If I am going to work in there in summer, a metal building will be hot as hell. What does it cost to spray in 3 inches of foam on walls and under roof. Yikkes!! That goes for almost $3 per sq foot.

And windstorms are common here so it needs to be strong so I really need to beef up metal walls.

Back on the bulldozer to enlarge space and to allow long axis of barn east west to allow southern roof to point south.

Long story short. I am in the process of building with SIPS. Structurally insulated panel system. Turns out, the cost of the SIPS was lower than a traditional metal framed and spray insulated building.

Pictures coming.


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