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Default Running a heatpump on solar power

Has anyone run a heatpump on solar power?

To date I've run mine on the grid but I also have a solar electric installation (and solar hot water/heating but that's another subject).

I was using gel batteries but they were pretty old so I've just replaced them with lithium ion. I now see that the batteries charge up pretty quickly so I end up with power that I'm not storing.

My idea is to add a small heatpump (around 1.2K power consumption) that comes on when my batteries are full and stop charging.

Has anyone considered/done this? Any experience?

I can get a MODBUS TCP data feed from my charge controller (Midnight Classic) so I know when the batteries switch from absorb (bulk) to float (I'm hoping to get hold of the api for the batteries so I can get a feed from them too).

Anyone done anything like this?

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