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Here are some pictures, hopefully in the sequence of construction, so you can get an idea of what's going on. This first picture is of the interior roof that I painted flat black. It shows the 8" roof vents that haven't yet been disabled.

The is a picture of the flashing and turbine used to house the new motorized damper. The lower part of the flashing is 16" wide to accomodate the motor that is on the 12" damper.

This is a picture of the roof damper itself before installation. It is used to close off all attic air from escaping in winter.

Here's the picture of the roof prepared for installing the new damper. You can see the key hole notched out for the motor assembly on the new damper.

Here's the roof damper installed. The remaining 8" vent is blocked off and the beginnings of the white painted boards that the radiant barrier will attach to is installed. This is a hip roof house to it was easy to decide to get all the hot air to come together at the top-middle.

We're finally getting somewhere in this picture. All the white painted boards are attached and you can get a better feeling for what is going on. The round duct in the center board is a backdraft damper. Gravity normally holds it shut. But I plan on installing a whole house attic fan to blow out any hot air that accumulated during summer evenings. So that damper should open when those fans are turned on.

This is the duct that pulls hot air down to the living space. It attaches to the remaining opening in the third white board. It's a 12" duct.

This is where that duct enters the living space. That orange thingy is the motor in a second 12" damper that controls/allows hot air into the living space. It runs right next to my propane fireplace and will be hidden behind a closet door, but still accessible.

This is the filter housing just below that damper, both in that closet area.

All ducts are wrapped in insulation and the reflective foil is installed from inlet soffit right upto and including the white boards at the top.

More later...
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