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I guess you aren't into construction and familiar with cribbing. I have a set of taller jack stands but they are too wobbly at the height I need. Its more stable to add cribbing and keep the jack stand at a lower height. It is extremely stable especially since I need it to stay at certain heights for alignment purposes. I can get in the car if I want to and there is very little movement. It's more to get it up high and on the same plane to get the frame rails aligned and welded in place.

All those sticks were run through the planer so they are all flat and parallel as well. Also remember there is nothing in the car. I can go to either end and pick the car up off the jack stands. The rear is a little heavier since the glass is still in but the body is very light. It's only 500-600 pounds without the glass and front sheet metal.

That's an older pic when I was dry fitting the frame rails up. I had different supports for the nose when I was welding it.

Once I get the front end finish welded on the car I will build a jig to roll it on its side so I can prep the bottom for epoxy.
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