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I know gas and electric dryers can get that hot but it does not appear necessary on all but heavy denim.
The electric dryers converted to run 120v across the heating element don't get nearly that hot and dry light weight clothing just fine.
My flirI7 shows the discharge on my air conditioner being about 125 to 135F which is hotter than my 120v dryer. So I don't see why it wouldn't work great on all but the heaviest clothing.
I also have the advantage of very low humidity that most of the country does not have.
Probably won't work as well if the air going into the heat pump condenser coils starts off at 80 to 100%.

If I really need it I can put the heating element on a switch say for denim.
Then run the whole thing off my 30 amp garage 120v welding circuit.
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