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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I have a spare fully functional electric dryer tjat i dont use and a portable 1 ton A/C unit (not a window unit) that I don't really use any more also.
I think your idea is really good.

However, I suspect that a 1Ton HP is over-sized.

I say go with what you have, and adjust what needs adjusting.

Good luck on your project.


P.S.: a clothes dryer is essentially a de-humidifier. Maybe more good could be piping all your dryer air through a dehumidifier instead. They are already set up so that humidity in the air (clothes) will freeze on the evaporator coils, and a built-in sensor detects when sufficient frost has built up and a frost removal cycle starts, and the frost from the air (water from your clothes) drains into the little bucket. Then the de-humidifier returns to moisture removal cycle. There is even a sensor, such that when sufficient moisture has been removed from the air (AKA: "your clothes"), the machine will stop.
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