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Well most all of my seedlings have failed this year! The only ones that pulled through were my squash seedlings. Since all of my tomato and cauliflower seedlings failed, I was fortunate enough to find a plant sale last weekend, hosted by the Master Gardeners of North Alabama. I rolled out of there with 19 plants for $19! I got 4 different varieties of tomatoes and 3 different varieties of peppers. I got everything planted and watered last Saturday. Things were finally looking up, maybe I would have a successful garden this year. Sunday afternoon, I was out looking at the garden....BAM! EVERY STINKING TOMATO PLANT HAS POWDERY MILDEW! Sigh... I attempted a Sodium Bicarbonate solution, per the interwebs, spraying the plants every day. A couple of the tomato plants look better, but, for the most part, Sodium Bicarbonate solution seems pretty ineffective on Powdery Mildew. Last night, I got some Neem Oil concentrate and sprayed the plants. I didn't get a chance to look at them this morning, but I will report later on how effective Neem Oil is.

In positive news, my bush beans are doing great, as well as my cucumbers. They were all directly sown, so at least that was easy enough.

In a more interesting project, these are store bought, non organic, heads of romaine lettuce. You can see where they were originally cut down too with a knife. Water and a little bit of liquid fertilizer and new growth!

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