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Originally Posted by Elcam84 View Post
Yeah that makes sence after looking into it a little.

Here is no way we could leave the ac off at all during the day. The system is sized correctly so it isn't big enough to quick cool the house in that short of a time. And our schedules change a lot so there is often someone at home. Ac is sized to maintain temp not to quick cool in the evening.
Course it's really friggin hot here too. Only below 90* for about 2 hrs while the sun is up and that's in the early morning. I have noticed they have started to raise the summer temp for manj here so it's closer to what my research has shown it should be. In summer it's 100* + for 5-6 hrs a day. The forecasters are expecting 115* to rear it's head again too.

Summer 3 years ago we had over 90 days in a row 100 or hotter. Much of it highs over 110. Was 117 every day for weeks. Lots of people realized that their ac units were undersized when you had a hard time keeping it 80* in that stretch with the ac running nearly non stop.
Most systems aren't undersized, but they DO under perform. very few systems actually deliver their rated capacity.
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