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Never had that problem with my sheep and I don't see how goats could eat the grass that low in just a few hours. There are plenty of goat pastures around here and the grass in them looks fine as long as they don't have the pasture heavily overstocked. You do have to fence off the shrubbery, perennials, and any other plants you don't want them to eat. A sheep or goat won't make any distinction between the prized rosebush you are cultivating in the front yard and the invading multiflora rose that's taking over the back of your yard. Beyond the branches that they can reach, they will usually leave trees alone, although they do like to chew the bark on Cedrus, so I have to fence them away from that particular tree.

Some municipalities hire contract shepherds to clear city properties overgrown with kudzu, honeysuckle, privet, and other invasives. They will pen a herd of sheep or goats at a VERY heavy stocking rate for a few days on the property and they will eat down the vegetation. Then in a few months they will return and repeat the process.

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