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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
Are there any companies out there shipping prefab houses that meet, or come relatively close to meeting, Passivhaus standards?
Prefab Passive Houses certainly are being made in Europe. They are trucked out to the site and assembled amazingly quickly. And yes, they meet Passive House standards.

If I'm not mistaken, they are out of one of the Scandinavian countries... Norway maybe?

I have seen a couple of documentaries that described the whole process.

This is really the kind of thing that would make a glorious dent in our crazy energy consuming ways.

I think you are on the right track, such a business may already exist. You might try sending some emails to some of the Passive House organizations (Passive House US & Passive House Canada), there's an excellent chance that they would know of the existance of such a biz.

Also, I think there may be some leads here.

Good luck, you're definitely moving in the right direction.

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