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Default Efficient prefab?

I mentioned to a coworker that I was thinking about building a small, efficient house, and he brought up the topic of prefabricated houses. Viceroy is a company from Southern Ontario who can build houses here fairly inexpensively and very rapidly. All of Viceroy's houses seem to feature good Ar-insulated windows, 2x6 construction, and generally good attention to insulation and comfort.

Are there any companies out there shipping prefab houses that meet, or come relatively close to meeting, Passivhaus standards?

Viceroy doesn't give out free copies of their catalog, even online, but I did find one of their houses here:


The above house is about the right size for me at the moment, at 624ft² on the outside (575ft² inside the exterior walls). It's not as well insulated as I'd like, but I like the layout. Most of the windows are facing the same direction, which should be south. It's very flexible, with an interior layout available for a one-floor or a two-floor variant. It can be built on a basement, or built above a finished lower floor with two additional bedrooms.

I would like to see it build above a garage. In the event that I should sell the house or have a large family, a detached garage could be built, and the lower floor converted to living space. That would make it a respectable 1248ft². Or maybe I'd just leave room to the side to double the square footage later.

I have a while to think about what kind of house I want to buy or build, but a prefab small house would be very attractive.

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