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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Thats all you have to do to fix up a TV with a burnt out LED. I do find it very dumb that the OEMs drive their LEDs hard enough to burn them out. This should never happen. Add another few LEDs in there. This model TV is at most from 2013. There is no reason for it to have failed in 6 years. Thankfully the fix was easy and it found its way into someone hands who could fix it.
I had to fix a tv for one of my neighbors. Exactly the same model. It seems this model is particularly prone to led failure of this type.
I also recently fixed a Philips tv, about 5 years old, an smps ic had died (1.51 euros from AliExpress) - saved another from the dump.

@teriastiles: If the white speckles don't move and are there when the screen is supposed to be black then it may be the led driver board is faulty. Worth replacing if you can find one cheap somewhere.
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