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Wiring dc smps power supply inputs in series is unlikely to work. Maybe if they were identical and designed for it, but its a recipe for a bang I fear. Any mismatch, and one of them would get all the volts, and will instantly fail, then the next too. Those psu have turn on delays, overcurrent trips - again, mismatch, bang.
In 2013 the fit was alive and well - perhaps its a ‘rent a roof’ scheme - the panels are owned by a company, you get free electricity from them, they get the feed in fariff? If the fit is involved, you mustn't connect to the dc cables. Aside from the danger too.
There are solar controllers designed for off grid I think. I think the newer Tesla Powerwall can ‘Island’, among others.
How often do you get powercuts? We have one every few years, 5mins maybe. Fridges, freezers, laptops just ride through - maybe a few lights would be good to keep on, but that’s it. Unless you had a serious ‘islanding’ system, it won’t cope with normal house loads.
A timed battery charger is so much simpler and cheaper to the above though.
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