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Hi Barrowman - we're in the UK too, got our 4kWpk solar 6 years ago. I still have the paperwork - we have 2 strings of 10 "Kinve" panels, each panel max power is at 36V*5.5A, and 45V peak, so each string could have 450V dc from it. The "Samil" solar inverter we have can cope with up to 550V.
I think that in the 2kW-10kW range high voltages around this level are favoured, as it keeps the DC cable current lower, so cheaper, but isn't so high voltage to need specialised components. I think that ebay one that you found is intended to be connected via a PWM controller to a 24V battery, and that grid tied ones we have are usually higher voltage. You could google the particular inverter model that you have, and it will say the max voltage.

We get a "Feed In Tariff" of 17p, and 2p per kWh, so 19p/kWh overall. That is slightly more than the cost of electricity. It is odd, I agree. I would be more comfortable with just using the grid as a battery than the FIT (which is pretty much gone now in the UK).

When did you get solar - do you get the FIT or not ?
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