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Default Using my panels without the grid

Hi everyone just found this site and hope I can get something sorted out.
I have 16 panels which are wired as 2 sets of 8. I assume their output is at 192 volts.
The system is a grid tied one here in the U.K.
What I am wondering is if I can use the panels unmodified on their own off grid.
It's a 4Kw system.
If I fed one set to a PC power supply and the other to a separate PC power supply I am thinking I could wire one 12 volt output from one with a 5 volt output from the other so I could charge some batteries,
I know it would only give around 10 amps at 17 volts but that would be better than nothing and I think it might be possible to develop a more powerful system based on this.
Do you see any problems with trying this?
I am assuming that the output voltage from the panels would not rise much so as to cause any problems for the PSU input.
Forget this I didn't realise this had a transformer input and wasn't what I thought.

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