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I had always thought that where possible the panels and racks should be assembled on the ground or in a shop and then simply lifted and mounted onto a roof. I understand that a small crane might be needed to do this. I believe it would be cost effective if used on a regular basis. Obviously the homework would still need to be done for accurate measurements, making sure the roof can handle the load, and mounting brackets and conduit runs. Same thing with whatever electronics that need to be installed. Build it on a panel in a shop and then just slap it on the wall at the installation site. I used to do this type of thing regularly on a small scale in previous jobs so I see no reason it can't be done on a residential home.

What this mainly does is it keeps people from needing as many tools for an installation and lessens both time wasted running back and forth to a truck to get those tools and lessens the manpower needed onsite. While I haven't performed a rigorous economic breakdown on this I know from past experience that this method saves money and time for installations if done properly.

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