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I forgot to mention all details, some of them are somewhere in text...

Unit using R407c refrigerant, it's mix of R32, R125 and R134a, in Europe that refrigerant is substitute for R22 (I'm not sure does R407c is in use in USA) and it has almost same characteristics like R22. This unit is fabric made for R407c, also metring device is fabric capillary tube that I will change for TXV when I will be sure that this unit have enough power to heat my home or I will change whole unit with stronger one.
In this moment it's controlled by already existed controls of inside unit, sensor for coil temperature is put on copper tube after exchanger (water line) and room sensor is put in main room, that part of this unit work without any problem.
Yes, I run the rig and it runs in this moment also, but I'm not satisfied with water temperature, I need few more degrees...

My low pressure is also low 3 bar's, high pressure is about 22-23 bar's, temperature of refrigerant (high side) is about 52 to 58c (Celsius), water output 42c water inlet about 37c,temperature of refrigerant low side is minus 4c ( - 4c).

Like I said before i need a few more degrees of water output, this temperature for me is not enough to heat up my home,probably it will be enough for radiant floor but my house was already have finished floors and there is no way to change that because it's made from concrete...

Now I want to try to change something to get few more degrees on water output
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