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Originally Posted by where2 View Post
I'm amazed you managed to get the idle usage down to a mere 80W... If I can get mine under 500W, I feel like I've accomplished a lot!!
Funny thing is that I don't know where most of it is going. I know my security system uses about ten watts. Probably a couple watts each on computers when they are in sleep mode even though the Kill-A-Watt meter doesn't measure anything. Printers are turned off when not in use. There are three digital clocks that pull a few milliwatts each and the garage door opener circuit is always running but I can't imagine it pulling more than a few watts. I guess the central air/heating circuit probably pulls a little also but still can't be that much. So that leaves me with about 60 watts of usage that I haven't tracked down...yet. I'll figure it out.

Oops. Forgot about cable modem and router. That's probably ten or fifteen watts 24/7. Have to measure that.
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