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Foam is 3 mm (1/8th of inch) thick. It's the cheapest one I could get. Mod cost around $4 and already (in 319 days) saved nearly $8.

Average consumption is 514Wh/d, before mod I have no complete numbers, just the two values (summer + winter). If I average them, it's 670Wh/d. So savings are around 23%. Although this year has a bit colder summer, so that must be taken in account.

This morning (there's already 7 AM :-) ) I've realised that compressor isn't room temperature before starting a new cycle. So that's something to work on.

Picture is a bit blurry, I don't have proper camera, just ****ty phone :-)
The plastic container is for condensated water drained from refrigerator. As you can see I've made few small mods, but I don't know if they have any impact, or even if they don't harm the consumption. I just hated that cold and hot pipes were so close together and uninsulated.

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