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Default Radiant Flooring in Oklahoma

I am designing a new home and have been seriously thinking of radiant flooring. This would be the PEX in concrete, insulated from below, etc. I would do it myself with a helper (~ 3000 sq ft).

But the price is steep - even if I do it myself. I already heat and cool with geothermal heat pumps (ducted air).

Oklahoma is a mixed climate state. Here in central Oklahoma, we have more winter heating degree days than summer cooling degree days. But "winter" is only about 10 weeks long (mid December to March 1). Our first frost date is in mid November and last frost about April 1.

Most winter days are above freezing, are sunny and it really isn't bad (compared to where I grew up). A typical winter night is in the low 20s (F) with daytime temps in the mid 40's or so. Then there are those nights that drop to zero F, a terrible north wind and a high the next day a high temperature barely in the teens . . . . .

The use of exterior grade foam insulation, SIPS and tight building techniques (with air to air HRV) are the plan.

Now I am thinking of the in floor radiant cost/benefit ratio . . . I would love to hear from others in the so called "south" that have or have not put in radiant flooring.

I grew up in New England and there is no question of how good it would be to have there - but in central Oklahoma - and for the relatively short winter?

A cheap alternative would be to put in electric resistance cables. It goes against my engineering grain to use high grade power (electricity) just for resistance heating, but maybe that is a better option.

Like many of us, my wife and I hate cold floors - so do our dogs. We also dislike carpet and like "clean" floors.

Appreciate your thoughts and time in advance.


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