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Regarding mattresses, I got a new one a few years back, and after exhaustive searching, I found this place Foam Factory.

They sell all kinds of foam for all kinds of applications and their prices are very reasonable.

I was particularly interested in a memory foam mattress. They will build a mattress any way you want it, with any kind of foam you want, and they list the various foams in engineering terms (under "RESOURCES"), which I found to be particularly helpful.

I got the 5 pound foam bed which proved to be a bit firm, but I have "civilized" it with a more yielding topper.

My gal got the 4 pound, with the memory foam layer being 4", which made a very nice bed.

But it all depends on your body mass.

They offer a "terry cloth cover" which I would advise to everyone.

* I must warn that a temperature sensitive foam bed in an unheated bedroom can become extremely firm until it's warmed up. *

A winter-time heated mattress pad on a timer makes it just wonderful.


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