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I've never had a gas heater. Do they have always on pilot lights or do they relight each time you need extra heat. Even if it's a pilot light I can't imagine the put out enough heat to overcome freezing in cold cold weather.
That was my first question too. I spent all last winter checking up on it, going out there in the garage and feeling the tubes with my hands and it was always hot to the touch at night and lukewarm in the day. I checked it regularly and at random times and that's what led to me persuing it further.

It seems to me that a significant amount of heat is generated and just wasted. In fact, in the winter you can just go to town and see the houses pumping out huge plumes of heated water vapor, like they're trying to warm the neghborhoods.

I suppose if I don't have time to build it this summer, I'll take actual readings on the thing next winter to get some data behind it.

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