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Unless I put a fan in the pipe to force air into the house, I don't think it's going to contribute to a positive pressure in the house.

What is should do is provide an easy air source from the outdoors right to the burner. Therefore, the negative pressure inside the house would be much lower. Closer to outdoor pressure.
Since the pressure would be close to equal, inside and out, 98% of the cold air coming into the house would be from the PVC air pipe.

I've studied what the dryer does, but since it's only about 1 hour a week, it's not a big problem.

However, since my dryer is about 15 feet from the oil burner, the new air pipe
will be able to feed in cold air to the basement floor for the dryer..
It would provide the same equalizing effect, limiting the amount of cold air that is pulled in upstairs in the heated areas..

I'm not too worried about 10 degree air getting into the dryer and effecting the drying process. Since the air would be flowing out of the pipe and traveling over the floor.. The floor is geothermally "heated" to about 55 degrees all year round. It will cool a little, but recover quickly.
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