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Default Inline Duct Fan Installation

Well, as most of you know, my living/dining room is the farthest spot in the house from our furnace and the way the house is built, there's lots of angles to get from the main duct, to the 3 vents in the living room area so a lot of heat doesn't end up getting into that area. We purchased a small heater which did the trick for the most part, but we decided it was better to do the inline fans and use the heater for other things.

I purchased the 2 duct fans at a hardware store for $35 a piece and my brother in law (who helped me do some of the installation) purchased the wiring. We were going to wire it up to the furnace, but he wasn't quite sure how to hook it up and didn't want to blow the furnace on me during the winter . I think he had trouble because it needed to be hooked up to a certain voltage, and it didn't show that I had anything like that on my furnace to hook up to. I'm going to get my father in law to take a look and see if it doesn't. If it can't then I'm going to purchase one of these to regulate when it should turn the fans on and off:

Duct Plug in Thermostat

Temporarily, he hooked it up to our electrical and put an on/off switch in between which I will leave there no matter what I end up hooking the fans up to. Daox had a really good idea to use a light dimmer switch instead which I'm going to switch it to so that I can throttle the heat being pushed or just turn it off completely if I don't want it on...say in the summer time when it's blowing in AC. So for now, I run downstairs and turn it on when the heat goes on and I'll sometimes just leave it and it makes a difference. You can really feel the difference in airflow at the vent. Here are some shots of the installation (FYI that's my bro in law in the pics not me ):

I'll post up some more pics and the rest of the installation when we finish it off.

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