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When I added the predictive weather code and had it running it wasn't windy.
Where I live it can be very windy and the last few days it has been both windy and cold.
I was surprised what a difference it made, the set temperature based on the temperature alone wasn't enough to keep the house warm (enough).

My house is pretty well insulated so this shouldn't really occur - but it did. I guess the main losses are from the windows (double glazed but you still notice the cold when you are close to them) and there are quite a few.

So I added in another factor into the algorithm, the wind chill factor which fortunately is calculated to a 'feels_like' parameter in the openweathermap api.

Adding this factor in raised the temperature and all was well once more :-)

I had to add a few more setting points in the code as I had only catered for temperatures to -5C, and with the wind chill this could be lower so now I have to -10C.
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