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Think of this home energy thing more as a long-term investment, and you will be better off from the get-go. Having a blower door test done, doing a manual j analysis, getting some thermal images, and the like are all preliminary steps that fit into your energy budgeting plan. Insulation is one of those aspects that reaches beyond return on investment. Although it has a diminishing rate of return, it will alter your home comfort levels in a dramatic and permanent fashion. Doing it first will reduce all your subsequent needs and has a compound effect on the whole budget and project.

I can't tell you how many people I've helped with these projects that wanted to just throw equipment at their homes in the beginning. Big fans, windows and doors, climate controls, strange roofing and insulating materials, the list just goes on forever. Most of these homeowners began with a "one thing at a time" mentality, not putting much thought about the improvement of the home as a combined project. Obviously, you have done a few of these projects, and they have added up to a tangible sum. I encourage you to step back and do a decent audit and at least do some math before you make any major investment in equipment or labor hours.

Consider this:

A thermal camera on a cold day has changed a whole lot of people's minds. That 75 bucks saved them thousands in about fifteen minutes. For some odd reason, their old windows are never good enough after seeing all that red and yellow on the screen...
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