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Originally Posted by AC_Hacker View Post
These great looking examples are a good additions to this thread.

I have watched several BBC programs where people either directly used shipping containers, or manufactured 'pods' that were not very different in size.

One thing that I learned that really surprised me was how well designed shipping containers actually are, and the whole structure is under tension.

When you start cutting large windows and doors, you lose some of the original tension and strength and integrity.

But without windows & doors you're just living in a box... so there are trade-offs to consider.

Yes there is but you got to look at how much weight these are designed to hold by four courners. As travel trailer pulling I would never even get half this weight in here so I took half the 5 inch channel iron beams out underneath. Those are spaced 12 O.C. which is over kill. I have a record to vouche on how much these can takes, in Oregon a driver wouldn't move and ordered me to go around while towing it, his car is now considered totaled all i got was bottom lip bend in small area. Then there is this coffee shop the over hang roof was too low, well it isn't there anymore, that caused three of the ribs on wall to get bent.
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