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Yay, it's a Whirlpool Cabrio / Maytag bravos HE top loader in the USA. I service and trade washers and dryers in my spare time, and I love those units. A major cause of failure with those things is the tub bearings. The shaft seal is directly above the bearings, so when it fails, the wash water weeps right down onto the bearings and washes the grease out. The units get louder and louder, and at a certain point, the dragging bearings affect the spin cycle. If the owner doesn't fix or get rid of the washer when it starts getting loud, they do when it throws codes for an unbalanced load.

The bearings and seals for those units can be had for around $20 or so on ebayzon, and the repair is about like changing a wheel bearing. Not super simple, but not too difficult as far as mechanical repairs go.

Pretty much all of the direct drive front load washers in existence have the same basic drive in them. Rotor is a magnet ring flywheel, stator very similar to the video. Same basic failure with the bearings and seal happens, but not as often as the Cabrio washer. The motor control and the washtub support "fidget spinner" have the tendency to fail before the bearings and seal do. With the mod in the video, the spinner and the motor control are not used, so there are a lot of people giving away front load washers that could be repurposed this way.
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