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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Cooled, not cooked.

The rig is going out in the garage. No air infiltration into the house.
Didn't I put all this in original post?
not with adequate specifics -
how many hoses on your portable 1 ton air conditioner, and where is it taking the air from that it's heating and cooling? most I've seen have no hoses for the side that "conditions" air, and one for the side that exhausts hot air and evaporated water.
assuming yours is like the one pictured, where will you place the unit?

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The dryer doesn't need to reuse it's own heat since it will be used in summer only, out in the garage where it will be 80 to 100F with 15 to 50% humidity.

The heat pump discharge will produce up to 18,000btu, if the dryer only uses 2/3 of that it's still over 3kw worth of heat.
If doing it this way makes the dryer take a little longer that's fine since it will be helping to cool the house.
This design goes against conventional design by actually helping cool the house. Every other design puts off heat.
it sounds like you're conflating the rate of heat production with energy consumed/released into the house. if that's not the case i apologize.

if you're venting a single-hose AC into the garage, you will be de-pressurising your house, and pressurizing the garage. this will lead to infiltration from the garage into the house, which is a bad practice. I assume you'd be ducting directly to the dryer and then the dryer to the outdoors? in that event you've built part of a recirculating heat pump dryer by virtue of depressurizing your house and bringing hotter, more humid outdoor air into the house to replace it, some of which through the hole you made into the attached (?) garage.
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