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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
That's exactly what I was not going to do.
Discharging the waste heat and dust/lint outside and cooked air inside solves a lot of problems.
exactly, wow!

I would argue that the waste heat isn't waste heat, but rather money being wasted. yes, the lint is a problem, and im not quite sure what cooked air is. the other issue is air infiltration. 100% of the air you exhaust must be replaced (an issue with a standard dryer as well) by unconditioned air, which then needs conditioning.

I would think the lint could be handled by a couple of extra wire screens, perhaps a minisplit style screen, and depth loading filter after.

one of the issues with portable AC units is they generally attempt to use the condenser to evaporate the water that was condensed on the evaporator side - both to increase efficiency, and to avoid the need for a condensate pump and drain hose. not sure what yours does, but if it does evaporate the water it will hinder the drying process.

if your exhaust air is adequately dry, have you considered a "hot box" with a drying rack in it, instead of a dryer? longer drying times mean the clothes tumble longer, which probably increases wear on your clothes. if you were using the AC unit for comfort, then you get dry clothes purely as a byproduct, instead of running the AC for drying? that may be semantics though.
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