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Im not sure you have it correct in the diagram ?

its not what I expect from a heat pump it may well be correct , I don't feel its correct as you left out the input COP which turns that 1kw of cold into heat and the output with its heat stripped out

the unit will turn 2/3 of the interior warmth back on its self at a hotter temperature expelling 1/3 cold and bringing in 1/3 more for a continuous cycle.

The air that comes in allows the cycle to repeat gaining 2/3 the Btu it expels out the back.

As long as the interior is within working temp it will scavenge the heat and reject the 1/3 of colder conditioned air.

So it will heat more then it cools while in heat mode.

1kw in gets turned to 2.7 kw in heat with 1 kw back out for a gain of 1.7 kw

As its a heat pump it must do better then the 1 to 1 performance the diagram has.

Im thinking ( yikes) the chart needs adjusting , the air expelled has 2000w of Cop of heat removed and saved in the house using a 2.7 Cop cycle and a 1200w power draw.

Its the heat concentration that makes the gains or what am I missing ?

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