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I see a lot of good suggestions, and I insist on habitability issue priority, like ventilation and damper integrity, aroma and air purity control within my 'people space' Fresh air as a priority, can be supplied by area breeze (hopefully you are not situated downwind of any factory, or upwind of any sensitive allergy-prone people). HEPA filters can be engineered in place and wrap up the concerns quite nicely, if you are maintenance oriented for such equipment. Many people acquire nice equipment with no thought of the necessary maintence to keep such equipment operating as designed. Humidity control is another concern for my 'good life' approach, understanding that my older relatives are experiencing difficulty handling heat and that air conditioning is pretty much required for their comfort and survival. I suppose I surely don't have to invite them into my garage to chat, but I personally enjoy their companionship as well as having an enjoyable environment for my grandchildren and children to learn some woodshopping or automechanics. The dust collection system would also be a 'must have' as earlier described. I also enjoy a choice relationship with my wife, having to occasionally enjoy the 'dog house' environment, so some furniture and living accomodations such as a shower and play room with a pull down cot would be a welcome addition to my garage. Hopefully this suggestion won't get your suggestion ridiculed as an opening to a disaster. I am serious about my suggestions. Have fun! Looking forward to your decision on which suggestions to nurture! Sofi is offline   Reply With Quote