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I moved this thread into the projects section because I just started cleaning up the garage this weekend.

The first I thought that needed to be done was wiring. The current wiring needs a lot of attention. All three of the outlets in the garage are on the short wall of my rectangular garage. This is a real pain. So, I'll be putting 110V outlets all the way around the garage as well as probably adding a service panel and 220V for larger tools.

So, I started pulling things away from the walls to get in there for wiring. However, this also brings up another issue. The builder of the garage admitted to making it as cheap as possible and said he didn't do a good job. As you can see, there is plywood on the corner, but the rest is all particle board... So, it seems my first step isn't just going to be wiring, but also putting plywood, and house wrap (tyvek) on the outside.

My question to any of you guys is, do you think I can get some rigid foam on the outside? I'm thinking even 1/2" would be better than nothing. I am not wanting to get new siding, so I can't go real far here.

Here is the inside of the garage after some moving stuff around. This is where the electrical comes in.

More particle board...

Back to plywood in the corner, and then back to particle board. I'm also gonna have a fun time removing all those build in shelves to wire and insulate.

This is a close up of where the power comes in. The metal box is just jammed packed with wires. I definitely need a service panel out there. I wouldn't mind my stuff being grounded either!

I also got bad news the other day. My master electrician father in law is super booked up atm. He probably won't be able to help out with the project. That means I got a lot to learn about wiring in the next few weeks! Thankfully, I do have a book on it. I got "The Complete Guide to Wiring" by Black & Decker from the in laws for Christmas. It seems to be alright so far, but I haven't read too much yet. Plus, I'm not too intimidated by wiring recepticals and switches. I just don't really know how to do the service panel, but that should be too hard.

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