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The lathes never go that cheap though and I have more need for a lathe than a mill. The two $100 ones at auction were pretty worn out and had shop made riser blocks on them which is pretty common to see done in shops to extend the usefulness of them. If I had a way to get them home easily I would have had them both regardless of wear.

I like that lowrider dolly for the mill.

I did find a lathe along my trip in february out to Charlotte and back but I didn't have a quick way to get it loaded on the trailer. And I'm kind of glad as a heavy lathe on the trailer would have been fun on the drive home through Mississippi and LA where they don't have graders to clear the ice off the roads.

One of these days I'll find a deal on a nice Monarch off a ship preferably as that history part is pretty cool.

This was a clear section of the freeway in MS... We were stopped on the freeway for a while for some reason so everyone got out of their cars and stretched their legs. I got stuck in West Monroe for 2 nights since the freeway was closed and I had a flat tire to be fixed and no tire shop there will fix a tire they didn't sell you...
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