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I almost feel like spraying it with sprayfoam to fill the void after they're dealt with and then putting some kind of metal cage over top the hole. I've been hearing them (at least the mom) up there for probably a year now, but I didn't realize they were inside the attic. I thought she was just scurrying over the roof making that noise. But then I saw them all pop their heads out the other day and I was like... Son of a ... Looked in the attic and there they were in the corner scurrying around. I'm worried what it looks like under my insulation. The wires looked ok, but I'm not sure I even want to go into this part of the attic as you're not supposed to breath that crap in (it's not the main attic, it's the attic part over top of my dining room). Not sure how to clean that up after they are dealt with.
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