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LOL...thanks Steve. I actually went and bought one yesterday after posting. My local hardware store had one. So I put in on the roof near the entrance (had to play around with some wood framing keeping it up there) with food in a little tray at the very end. The damn thing somehow got into the trap, ate the food and got out. WTF!?!?! I was watching him from inside for a while, but I missed the part where he managed to jack the food. The thing is like a ninja. I swear. I barely touch the trap and it goes off. This thing waltzes into it takes the food and even moved the tray and the thing didn't go off. I even tested it again after and it worked fine.

FYI there is like a mother and 5 babies in there (almost full grown). So I'd have to set the trap a few times. Maybe I will try it in the attic itself instead.

Should I get a roofer in at all to fix this and clean out the fecal matter and urine, or what would you guys suggest (picture attached). Also, what about cleanup? I'm not sure how I would get to anything as they were in the soffits as well.

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