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Default How to charge my batteries

I'm not sure where to put this.

I bought two 6 volt costco golf cart batteries for my camper to power my led lights and such when I'm camping. I'm trying to use those same batteries to power some lights, microwave, and a tv at my deer cabin. Mainly just the lights. I currently use a 7500watt generator running the whole time were at camp to power everything. It gets expensive. I was hoping to use the batteries to power the lights. And use the generator for the microwave and tv.

My question is what is the best way to charge the batteries and power my lights (inverter)? I've seen people take a 5 hp motor and a GM one wire alternator to charge batteries. Could I build one of those and use a big inverter to power everything. When I want to use the microwave I start the 5 hp motor so it will change my batteries and keep up with the power draw? Or do I buy a good inverter like my camper has and plug it into the generator? I'm looking for something that can run pretty seamless. I don't really want to have to unplug the cord from the inverter and in to the generator when I want to run the microwave. Well I don't mind but I know my dad isn't going to do that. He would rather spend the money on fuel to run the generator the whole time. Or is there something else I haven't mentioned?

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