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Originally Posted by bpatton View Post
How did you do deal with the trimming around the windows and doors? That is where I'm stuck at right now.
On that job, I used 1" foam. The windows had been installed such that I could just butt the foam up to them.

If I was doing a similar job today, I would use 3" to 4" of foam. I would remove the siding and windows, then install the new foam over a whole wall. Two layers of foam, tape all joints of each layer. Then 1/2" of OSB on top. Then I would go inside, cut out a window opening, then put in a casing out to the OSB. Install the rain screen (Tyvek or whatever), then install the window. Repeat until the entire wall is done, then install the siding. The windows would be flush with the outside.

That's similar to my present house, which was built with 3.5" stud walls and 4" of foam on the outside.
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