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Run for your life, it's Godzukie on a rampage!

Found him at the local indoor flea market for $20, including drill motor, case, 2 batteries, and super charger. Got home, plugged in charger, no lighty up. Both batteries dead as hammers. Rigged up a battery to a power supply, it took a charge. Plugged into drill motor, works like magic. Cha Ching!

Rather than buying a whole new charger, I rigged up a satellite power inserter (19VDC unregulated) to the factory charger terminals. Takes longer than 30 minutes to charge, but it beats paying way too much for a new charger.

After using it for awhile, one of the batteries tried to self-destruct on the charger. Got toasty and warped the latches, measured 13 Volts between terminals. It is most likely the cause of the dead charger. No big deal, batteries start at $20 for this drill on amazon. An OEM high-capacity battery is around $100. This bad boy will drill holes through castle walls and log cabins if you need it to. With the torque clutch engaged, it acts just like an impact driver, and will twist your wrist off if you let it. Good all-around work doer if all you have is one holster on the tool belt.

BTW, Godzilla is the corded equivalent of this one. Too much drill for many jobs.
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