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the Convection needs to be slowed, I remembered that the insulation used in quilts would work well and that People do it.
Scotch Guarded Quilts can be cut in half and resew if desired.
A friend with a sewing machine would be indispensable if you were to go that route, I think I will leave leave the quilt in one piece perhaps folded.

2nd hand prices will make it dirt cheap, tomorrow I will try to find some white'ish quilts , scotch guard them and replace my flimsy curtains in the bedrooms , first anyways.

I see this working out.
I suspect people have been adding quilting to their windows for 100's of Years

From Wiki
on Convection :

Air and other gases are generally good insulators, in the absence of convection. Therefore, many insulating materials function simply by having a large number of gas-filled pockets which prevent large-scale convection. Examples of these include expanded and extruded polystyrene (popularly referred to as "styrofoam") and silica aerogel. Natural, biological insulators such as fur and feathers achieve similar effects by dramatically inhibiting convection of air or water near an animal's skin.
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