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As far as the loudness, at full force it's just as loud as the furnace. So if the furnace is on, you won't really notice it unless you're in the basement, and even then, if you have a drop ceiling or something, it will probably muffle most of the noise. I'm sure each fan is different as well. Some may not be as good as others. And it does least the one I use does.

One thing to make sure of, is to put a switch on it...either dimmer or regular. Because there's no sense in having it run all day if your son isn't in the room.

As far as installing, I put mine at the first juncture away from the main venting area (the square vent part). Pretty much about 3 feet away.

I'm not sure if you've done it already, but make sure to tape up all your seams in your duct as well with aluminum tape. That's very important and it will boost the amount of heat going through the vents. Make sure you check as well right at the joints where the round vents come out of the main square body because a LOT of heat can get lost there. Tape up the main body of the vents that come out of the furnace as well (just above the furnace). And if you can, purchase some insulation for the main square body of your vent system that extends from one end of your basement ceiling to the other. That will help your furnace to not have to work as hard and it will push out warmer air. If you haven't done this and you do end up doing it, it may alleviate some or all of your issues without needing to buy the inline vent...but maybe not. One of my issues is that my living room window seems to be leaking a lot of air as well (which I'm going to fix up this summer hopefully) and I have a lot of bloody elbows in my round vents going to my living room...I shake my head at how they built my house sometimes...and of course for every elbow, you lose a little heat.

Anyway...I'll shut up now... if you have any other questions just fire away.
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