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Hey Gascort. I'm still only using it off and on as I haven't bought the thermostat that I need to get it to run on its own yet. I'll probably pick that up this spring or summer. They sell it in a store just outside of the city so I'll take a drive out when I get a chance. For not it's still on the switch, but I DEFINITELY notice a difference. I had my bro in law turn it on and off while the furnace was on while I sat at the heat register and you could feel the power of the heat when he turned it on. And the room got to a nice temperature. And that's only one out of the 2 vents turned on. Once I have the thermostat that turns the fans on when the heat turns on, then I'm also going to hook up a dimmer switch to it so that I can throttle the fans just in case they start giving off too much heat.

Are you in the US? Because when I went to the home depot up here, they didn't have the inline fans that I purchased. The ones they had looked like garbage. It was like a fan in a half vent instead of the full vent. If you do it, try and find the full vent like the one at the top picture. Here's a site that has some of the inline vents, maybe you can order it from them:
In Line Duct Fan,boost air flow

And if you look at the very bottom, you'll see the Automatic Ductstat thermostat that regulates when the fans turn off and on. Then sense when the heat turns on and turns on the fans, then shuts them off when the heat turns off. Next winter will be really nice cause that should be all set up and sending some nice heat into our living room.

Is it possible for you to just add another heating duct into your living room? Maybe that would be better then my set up? Although I don't know the layout of your house so I'm not sure which way is better.

If you have any other questions let me know. And maybe post the link of the reviews you saw...maybe their issues were because of something weird in their house.

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