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Default Flymo Hovering Mowers

Came home Saturday evening to find a strange lawnmower on the lawn next to my driveway. This is not a normal occurrence in my world. It was a walk-behind with a bright orange deck, had no wheels and no provision for attaching wheels. There was no note or voicemail anywhere to explain how it landed in my yard.

A few days sleuthing solved the mystery: a friend tried to fix the leaky gas tank, surrendered, and remembered my enthusiasm for all things oddball.

I fixed the tank, tuned it up, and learned I had a Flymo, a lawnmower designed to hover as it cuts. This particular one is powered by a featherweight two-cycle engine, but (and here is the relevance to this website) the company makes a line of electric mowers, wheeled and hover-style.

Here is a link for the curious: And no, I have no connection to the company, nor do I stand to benefit in any way from your interest.

I read that the hover-style Flymos aren't seen much in the U.S., other than on golf courses, where the ease with which they can mow banks and small hillsides makes them popular with lawn professionals.

This unit maneuvers well around trees, up to borders and other obstacles, and seems well suited to small lawns.

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