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We have an early M2 of the laboratory I operate, PI bought a new one at home, and after returning Makerbot (5th gen replicator, continued to eat non-serviceable extruder) another group on campus bought one and check out our M2.

They are fantastic printers, the help of Makergear has been amazing, and when they need work they are incredibly easy to service (because of pollutants in the brain, etc.). They don't have much in the way of bleeding-edge technical characteristics, but are an incredibly fine, remarkably rigid implementation of tried-and - true designs (the steel roll cage, linear rail X and Y, and cold end solid metal planetary gearbox are kind of in a class of their own as far as printers go, these items are constructed like machine tools while most printers are constructed like office equipment). I assume their hot end is getting a little behind the curve (even after the nichrome to cartridge revision), but there's nothing wrong with it.
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