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Default Update on my similar mower

Just to let anyone who cares know, I got just about 10 years from my similar B&D rechargeable 12v mower. In the end, the tenth year was a bit of a joke. My 6000 sq ft lot often needed two separate mows to get it all done.

In any case, 10 years for lead acid batteries isn't bad at all. I credit it to the constant trickle charge the battery got, the small size of the lot and a desulfator I bought on ebay and used over the years when the battery seemed tired.

I paid about $90 locally for a replacement battery. It was interesting to see yours said 28AH; mine was original, I think, and said 24 AH. It was replaced with same sized 26AH "Duracell".

In case I didn't say it before, the connector to charge the unit is the only tricky thing -- if you don't have an OEM B&D charger. Any old charger above 13V will work. I used, as mentioned earlier, 10W solar panels designed for a "12v" system, meaning they put out about 20 V open circuit. That's how I got the 10 years. I only used the OEM charger when I needed another mow within a few days ... and after the solar panel wiring got eaten away a year ago.

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