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Everything is hackable. Only way to insure nothing you own is not hackable it to not buy anything with a radio in it or that connects to the net.

I try to keep things locked down as much as possible but I know no matter what someone can and will get in any system if they want to. Easy to break a window instead of the door that is more secure. Every system usually has a weak point.

I installed car alarms back in the day. Even with an alarm windows would get broken and convert tops cut for entry. On convertibles we suggested not installing the auto lock. Leave it unlocked and alarm set. Most thieves will check the door handle to see if it's unlocked. If it's locked a slice to the top and they pop the door. Either way the alarm does off and may loose you stuff but one way saves you the cost/aggravation of replacing the convertible top.

I can't worry about every way the world is out to get me, too old for that. I love never turning on/off my kitchen and bedroom lights. Love the front door unlocked as I arrive especially when my hands are full and knowing when the wife and kid are arriving at the house. House lights up at dusk and turns off when we go to bed. I get a notification if it's raining and I left any windows open. Vacation mode makes the house look occupied. Even the silly announcements for the washer, mail and doorbell. LOL And that doesn't even touch upon most of the system or the voice part.

Long post but my point is I know everything can be hacked these days but I want to enjoy my life so I will. Only way not to be hacked is to live totally off the grid/no electronics at all.
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