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Default arduino temp/humidity

There you go.

Wiring up DHT11 Temp & Humidity sensor to the Arduino |

Looks like the hard part is done.

One thing that concerns me is the accuracy of the sensors
as you approach 100% RH. Might have to calculate the dewpoint
before the RH gets too near the 100% and rely on temperature
readings...but, if a front rolls thru, that may mess up the

I did buy an arduino board and actually made it download
a demo program and spit data out the serial port.

A serial to bluetooth converter can interface it to your smartphone for monitoring.

I've been so caught up with
windows 10 that I haven't had a chance to go any further.

Don't remember if I mentioned it before.
I have a 24" box fan that can do 3500 CFM.
I open the patio door and set the fan in front of it.
I made a "filler" for the space above using 1/2" low density
white insulation board. If you put a plastic U-channel around
the perimeter, it's surprisingly durable.
Stick a handle in the middle and some tabs to hold it in
place when you slam the patio door on it.
I turn it on around midnight when the outside temp gets
low enough.
I just use a wind-up timer to set the run time.
Not very elegant, but effective.
I live alone, so nobody else will criticize my work. ;-)
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