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There are so many things I want to do, but the house we currently have is not really suitable to do some of them. I am torn between putting time and effort into this one, or just waiting and then building a house from the ground up.

Also, if there is a project that needs to be done, it is our main bathroom. The tile (oh how I hate them) in tub/shower has started to come off the wall. Looks like normal drywall back there. Needs to be gutted, correct backing put up, then the tub/shower redone. I am thinking of Swanstone (Swanstone Products). If I had my way, the bathroom walls, floor and ceiling would be sealed with a big drain in the center and I could hose off the whole bathroom, but my wife thinks that a bit extreme.

Our home is not that bad off and there are some things I am considering.

Advantages: Walkout basement (ie, basement is surrounded on 3 sides by dirt), longest sides face almost directly south/north, vinyl replacement windows.

Disadvantages: Needs insulation in attic space, very tall trees in the lot to the west of mine, some tall trees to the east, not enough overhang to shade windows in the summer, the almost the same number of windows on the north as the south, windows are not well sealed (draft in places).

Things I am considering:

Replace all bulbs with CFCs and LEDs (LED for task lighting, due mostly to expense, then try a more general light replacement). The basement has long tube Fluorescent light fixtures, but they are older (near 15 to 20 years), not the newer, more efficient ones, but would have to buy new fixtures or atleast new ballasts.

Cleaning out the loose blown insulation and having closed cell foam insulation put in, both on the rafters (the underside of the roof) and on the joists (the top of the ceiling). Need to look into it some more.

Photovoltaic panels & Solar hot water. More so if I can get some of the trees topped/cut on the lot next to mine so I can get more of the evening sun.

I am really tempted to make a solar hot air box to go just outside the south facing windows and feed the air in through the partially open window. It would have to look neat/clean enough to get the wife's vote.

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