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Originally Posted by Mikesolar View Post
That works if you don't mind all the new electrical work, cable, phones, paint, trim, possibly moving the stack to stay warmer, plumbing, toilets, and anything else that is now squished by a moved wall.

The outside insulation can look like a bargain if done right, and your inside life is not disrupted.
I think Your right, it may be cheaper to do the outside..
The outside insulation would be much more convenient.
Good points, especially about the fixtures toilets etc. Kitchens would have to get pulled, what big Job it's turning into. I think it would be a nightmare for living conditions, would have rent a motel or whatnot.

Renting Professional scaffolding would make less daunting.

The house has thin insulation out there now, I know they do that under Vinyl siding , I am guessing that what it has now.
So a vinyl siding job as opposed to drywall/mess house gutted and losing 6 inches of elbow space in each room, especially the bathrooms, they could take a big loss in space.
It would not work very nicely to insulate inside for my house, the toilet is tight in a corner behind the bathtub/showers back wall Same with basement with no real option short losing a fair bit of the small space they have now.
Which does not help resale at all.
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