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Originally Posted by ecomodded View Post
To do the outside of the house 2nd floor at that would be time consuming EXPENSIVE did I mention expensive.. I know I suggested it..
I have suggested for someone else not to do just for that reason, who has 30-40 grand to toss at an insulation project, Not many people, I can Vouch for that.
Just tear drywall off , extend the inside wall by a 2x6 width, extend the window sills and take 6 inches off the ceiling drywall. Stud it up like a normal wall. Put netting up, blow in Cellulose and dry wall it. Less Painful for the wallet. Doable by any home owner with a good back and basic carpentry skills.
No need to vapor barrier it. Its under the siding already to keep the wet out.
That works if you don't mind all the new electrical work, cable, phones, paint, trim, possibly moving the stack to stay warmer, plumbing, toilets, and anything else that is now squished by a moved wall.

The outside insulation can look like a bargain if done right, and your inside life is not disrupted.
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